Probate Litigation in California



Jay William Jacobus
services to the Public:
general Counseling in Probate Litigation
Probate litigation often involves difficult situations that may impact family relationships in many ways. Matters that pertain to wills and estates, trust and conservatorship contests, elder law, fiduciary and executor responsibilities, can be complicated to manage and emotionally exhausting, since these events invariably occur after the death or disability of a loved one or close friend. Probate litigation and estate concerns can become unpleasant situations which are made worse by personal differences over the care of a relative, or the competing financial interests of the parties involved.
Unfortunately, there are no easy fixes for these problems; the discomforting news is that the costs incurred in estate and probate litigation are sometimes unrecoverable. A good lawyer can only give you an estimate on your case, and cannot, and should not, promise or guarantee the outcome of your matter.
some important Points to Remember:
These cases can be very emotional situations; clients should be aware that not all matters are resolved to their satisfaction. For the most part, cases are not decided upon:
  • What is morally right or wrong,
  • What the client feels or believes to be true,
  • What a particular person may or may not have done.
Cases are decided on what can be proved under the law.

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