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Jay William Jacobus
services to the legal profession:
Case Opinions
Our opinions set forth an analysis of the facts, the issues involved, the mindset and expectations of the clients and other parties, the approximate length and difficulty of the litigation with regard to the particular county and opposing counsel, and most important, the projected costs and fees for the matter.
The initial discussion with counsel is without charge. We do not charge until we actually start drafting and researching the matter. All opinions are in writing and are documented with points and authorities, local rules, and practical suggestions.
Memoranda of Points & Authorities
We provide complete case analysis with memoranda primarily in matters regarding:
  • Trust contests and trust litigation under Probate Code Sections 15000 through 19403; will contests and will litigation under Probate Code Sections 8200 through 8254 and 21300-21356;
  • Will contests and related litigation under Probate Code Sections 8250 et seq.
  • Conservatorship contests and conservatorship litigation under Probate Code Sections 1800 through 1835, 2100 through 2256, 2350 through 2468, and 2580 through 2595;
  • Litigated matters involving Powers of Attorney under Probate Code Sections 4500 through 4545;
  • Prosecution and defense of all fiduciaries under Probate Code Sections 17200, 15642, and 16000 through 16249 (trustees), 8500 through 8505 (executors and administrators), 2650 through 2655 (conservators), and 4541 (agents under Powers of Attorney);
  • Retrieval and defense of assets under Probate Code Section 850 et seq.
  • Elder Law Litigation
Additional points and authorities are provided as needed from independent texts and treatises, continuing education materials, and local rules.

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