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Co-counsel representation
Counsel may wish to remain as an active participant in probate litigation, due to an existing relationship with the client or for other reasons. Our firm can act as co-counsel, with the informed consent of the client. The work to be performed will be apportioned accordingly, with respect to established ethical procedures.

The client will never pay a disproportionate fee for this working agreement, and will have the active participation of both counsel. This method reassures the client that the original attorney-client relationship is intact, but with the added benefit of increased experience, specialized knowledge, and effort made on his or her behalf.

Initial discussion with Counsel and the client is without charge.

substituted representation
With a proper substitution of attorneys and the clear understanding and approval of the client, we are prepared to substitute into all matters involving:
  • Trust contests and litigation
  • Will contests and litigation
  • Conservatorship contests and litigation
  • Litigated matters concerning powers of attorney
  • Prosecution and defense of all fiduciaries
  • Litigated elder law issues
Probate litigation contains multiple pitfalls of which the average probate lawyer may be unaware, such that the failure to take even a simple action at the correct time can lose a case. Trial lawyers who attempt the practice of probate litigation without probate experience may expose themselves unknowingly and unnecessarily to professional criticism.

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"With all due respect to the profession, probate law and probate litigation are extraordinarily complex, and should not be attempted without adequate internship, experience, and training."

Our firm provides comprehensive trial strategies, not only to maximize the case, but also to inform hearing officers of the facts as they apply to the specifics of probate law.